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Whereabouts of Another Palestinian missing in Turkey determined

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, October 12, 2021 (WAFA) – A Palestinian diplomat today announced that the whereabouts of another Palestinian missing in Turkey were determined.

Palestinian Ambassador to Turkey, Faed Mustafa, said that Turkish police has located Aladdin Abdul-Latif Mohammad Hamada in a phone contact with Hamada’s friend, who had reported on the former’s disappearance.

On Monday evening, two others of the seven Palestinians who went missing in Turkey were located.

The political advisor at the Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry, Ahmad al-Dik, has said in a statement that Abdul Rahman Abu Nuwah from Hebron and Raed Ashour from Gaza have been located by the Turkish authorities.

Turkish police determined the whereabouts of Abu Nuwah and Ashour in a phone contact with their respective families and the authorities that reported losing contact with them.

Abu Nuwah and Ashour are among seven Palestinians who were reported missing consecutively in different parts of Turkey since early September.


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