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Israeli repression units raid sections of Palestinian detainees in Rimon

Israeli repression units raid sections of Palestinian detainees in Rimon
File photo showing Israeli repression forces raiding the cells of the Palestinian political detainees at Ofer Detention Center

RAMALLAH, Thursday, April 8, 2021 (WAFA) – Israeli repression units raided today secions 3 and 7 in the Israeli prison of Rimon, in the Naqab desert, where Palestinian political detainees are incarcerated, and brutally assaulted and clashed with them, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

The PPS said in a statement that clashes erupted between the Palestinian prisoners and the attacking repression units, but said no further details were available concerning the situation of the prisoners at the moment.

The Society held the Israeli occupation's government and the administration of Rimon Prison fully responsible for the lives of the Palestinian detainees, and urged international human rights bodies, on top of which the International Committee of the Red Cross, to intervene to stop the Israeli crackdown on the prisoners.

The Israeli occupation authorities are incarcerating more than 4,500 Palestinian and Arab prisoners for resisting the Israeli occupation of their homeland.

In recent years, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention have launched multiple strikes to demand better imprisonment conditions, including an end to the unjustified Israeli policy of raiding prisoners' sections.


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