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A group of 122 Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and intellectuals express their concerns about the anti-Semitism definition

A group of 122 Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and intellectuals express their concerns about the anti-Semitism definition
Protest against attempts to hush anti-Israeli occupation voices.

LONDON, Monday, November 30, 2020 (WAFA) – In an open letter published yesterday in the British The Guardian newspaper, a group of 122 Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and intellectuals expressed their concerns about the anti-Semitism definition in Europe and North America, equating with the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people and their supporters against the Israeli occupation and apartheid system.

“We, the undersigned Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and intellectuals are hereby stating our views regarding the definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), and the way this definition has been applied, interpreted and deployed in several countries of Europe and North America,” said the letter, whose publication coincided with the United Nations-declared International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and their struggle for freedom, self-determination and independence from the decades-old Israeli occupation.

“In recent years, the fight against antisemitism has been increasingly instrumentalized by the Israeli government and its supporters in an effort to delegitimize the Palestinian cause and silence defenders of Palestinian rights. Diverting the necessary struggle against antisemitism to serve such an agenda threatens to debase this struggle and hence to discredit and weaken it,” added the letter writers.

The letter said that the IHRA definition conflates Judaism with Zionism in assuming that all Jews are Zionists, and that the state of Israel in its current reality embodies the self-determination of all Jews. “We profoundly disagree with this. The fight against antisemitism should not be turned into a stratagem to delegitimize the fight against the oppression of the Palestinians, the denial of their rights and the continued occupation of their land.”

“To level the charge of antisemitism against anyone who regards the existing state of Israel as racist, notwithstanding the actual institutional and constitutional discrimination upon which it is based, amounts to granting Israel absolute impunity. Israel can thus deport its Palestinian citizens, or revoke their citizenship or deny them the right to vote, and still be immune from the accusation of racism. The IHRA definition and the way it has been deployed prohibit any discussion of the Israeli state as based on ethno-religious discrimination. It thus contravenes elementary justice and basic norms of human rights and international law,” it said.

“We believe that justice requires the full support of Palestinians’ right to self-determination, including the demand to end the internationally acknowledged occupation of their territories and the statelessness and deprivation of Palestinian refugees. The suppression of Palestinian rights in the IHRA definition betrays an attitude upholding Jewish privilege in Palestine instead of Jewish rights, and Jewish supremacy over Palestinians instead of Jewish safety. We believe that human values and rights are indivisible and that the fight against antisemitism should go hand in hand with the struggle on behalf of all oppressed peoples and groups for dignity, equality and emancipation.”


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