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Three Palestinians killed in a shooting in Upper Galilee

NAZARETH, Sunday, November 1, 2020 (WAFA) – Three Palestinians holding the Israeli citizenship were shot dead in a shooting attack last night in the Upper Galilee, in the north of Israeli-occupied Palestine, Israeli police confirmed.

The police added that the three victims are from Arab towns in Israel, but provided no details about the background of the deadly shooting.

Over 80 Palestinians holding the Israeli nationality, including 14 women, have been killed since the beginning of 2020 in an ongoing cycle of violence that has hit the Arab communities in Israel.

As Palestinian towns are witnessing a serious escalation in violence and criminality, the Israeli police are failing to control the situation, and are instead issuing blocking orders for the investigations into these crimes.

Arab leaders say Israeli police largely ignore the violence in their communities, everything from family feuds to domestic violence and so-called honor killings.

Israel's Arab citizens make up 20% of the population and are descended from Palestinians who remained in the state after the Nakba in 1948. They have the right to vote but suffer discrimination and say authorities treat them like second-class citizens.


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