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ActionAid Palestine helping Hebron governorate combat COVID-19 pandemic


HEBRON, Wednesday, July 08, 2020 (WAFA) - ActionAid Palestine (AAP) doubled its emergency interventions to respond to the second wave of the spread of COVID-19 in the southern West Bank Hebron governorate after declaring the closure of the governorate on 20th of June and extension the state of emergency in Palestine for one month by the Palestinian president on 5th of July, said a press release.

Doubling efforts by AAP aims to reach all the targeted areas that include 20 communities in towns, villages and refugee camps of al-Fawwar and al-Arroub in Hebron Governorate, it said.

During the past two days, 718 families staying in home quarantine were provided with preventive and hygiene kits. Those interventions conducted during the second wave aim to support the Palestinian health system and strengthen the resilience of the targeted families and their preventive measures. They also contribute to national and civil efforts exerted to contain the spread of the pandemic, said the press release.

The response was proactively designed by integrating the approach of gender and basic needs lens and analysis to ensure respect to the dignity of families staying in home quarantine. Those kits included health items responding to the needs of children and women to ensure providing women with reproductive health services and they also include children diapers to mitigate the severe economic impacts the Palestinian families suffer from due to the state of lockdown.

AAP focuses its emergency interventions to contain the spread of pandemic in Hebron governorate which has the highest number of cases and has emerged as the center of the West Bank outbreak according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. AAP implemented this response in cooperation and coordination with Hebron governorate, Central Emergency Committee, Palestinian ministry of Social Development, municipal and local councils, Public Committees for Services in refugee camps and sub emergency committees in the local and targeted areas. Young people participated in process of packing hygiene kits under supervision of the management of AAP to maintain a high level of social distance.

The country director of AAP, Ibrahim Ibrgaith, said: “AAP continues its work to support the resilience of Palestinian cities and villages to contain the spread of the virus in Palestine and control the spread of infection among residents. We affirm our support and assistance to the Palestinian community during this crisis and in the future. We express our appreciation to efforts and correct decisions taken by the Palestinian government and importance of the adherence of Palestinian community to those decisions to overcome this crisis with least possible harm.”


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