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Hebron district under lockdown over coronavirus


HEBRON, Wednesday, July 01, 2020 (WAFA) – Hebron Governor Jibrin al-Bakri has decided to place Hebron district under five-day lockdown to battle the novel coronavirus spread.

Al-Bakri issued a decision announcing that the entire district of Hebron would be placed under lockdown for five days in line with the state of emergency declared by President Mahmoud Abbas and as per Premier Mohammad Shtayyeh’s instructions as a precautionary measure to safeguard public safety amid the sharp increase in the coronavirus infections in the district.

The five-day lockdown goes into effect on Wednesday evening. It will see all prohibition of movement and activities and closure of all institutions and businesses, except for pharmacies and bakeries.

According to the latest coronavirus data, 280 coronavirus cases have been confirmed since today morning in the occupied territories, including 199 in Hebron district.

The total confirmed cases has reached so far 1,898 in Hebron district, accounting for approximately 62 percent of the total cases in all districts.

Out of the 1,898 cases in Hebron district, recovery cases and fatalities reached 89 and 5 respectively, leaving a total of 1,804 active cases in the district.

On the level of the occupied territories (West Bank and Gaza), total confirmed cases reached 3,045 cases; 2,636 are in the West Bank, 72 in the Gaza Strip and 337 in East Jerusalem.

Recoveries has reached 634 total, including 460 in the West Bank and Gaza and 174 in East Jerusalem, leaving a total of 2,400 active cases. Death toll totaled 11.


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