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Palestinians in Israel go on general strike to protest official inaction toward crime in their societies

NAZARETH, Tuesday, September 5, 2023 (WAFA) – Palestinians in the Arab towns in Israel today observed a general strike to protest the Israeli government and police inaction toward the rise in violence and crime in their societies.

Public facilities and services, as well as shops in the Arab towns, closed their doors in response to the decision of the Follow-Up Committee for the Arab People to declare a general and comprehensive strike, with schools joining after the third period, and to join in protest marches in Arab cities, towns and villages.

The Follow-Up Committee called for the general strike in light of the ongoing and rampant crime and violence in their societies and the official complicity that aims to immerse the Arab societies in a state of terror and bloodshed.

"Our strike reflects the collective national stand against the ongoing crime and the government's support for it, and in order to stop what is happening and ensure a safe life and a better future for our children and the coming generations," it said in a statement.


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