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Newspapers Review: Two Palestinians killed by Israeli army bullets near Ramallah focus of dailies

Newspapers Review: Two Palestinians killed by Israeli army bullets near Ramallah focus of dailies

RAMALLAH, Tuesday, October 4, 2022 (WAFA) – The Israeli army killing of two Palestinians near Ramallah and the injury of a third was highlighted on the front page of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today.

They said two were killed and a third was injured near Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah, after soldiers opened fire at a car they were in. The army also seized the bodies and detained the injured.

The papers said the presidency has condemned the killings.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida said in its main front-page headline: “Israeli occupation and settlers intensify their aggression.”

It reported, as did the other two dailies, al-Quds and al-Ayyam, on the assaults by soldiers and settlers against Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank, as well as the demolition of Palestinian-owned structures in various areas of the West Bank.

Al-Quds said Israel has heightened the state of alert in Jerusalem and closed all crossings as it marks Yom Kippur.

It said, based on a story from the Chinese news agency quoting observers, that absence of peace is going to lead to an explosion in Palestine.

It also quoted Hamas leader Khaled Mishaal saying the liberation of Jerusalem will not come through negotiations.

It also quoted former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu saying the housing crisis in Israel requires intensifying housing construction in the settlements.

The paper also said the family of 7-year-old Rayyan Suleiman, who died in fear during an army chase, is going to sue the soldiers who caused his death.

Al-Ayyam said settlers have desecrated the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron by singing and dancing and holding a loud party.

It said the Ministry of Labor has formed a committee to find a way out for the crisis at Birzeit University that has shut it down for almost two months following a work dispute between the administration and the employees.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida said Palestine has expressed dismay at the holding of the European Union-Israel Partnership Council.

It said the budget committee in the EU rejected four proposals to withhold part of the funds to the Palestinians.


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