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PLO launches a national campaign to demand the UN uphold the right of Palestinians to self-determination

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, September 7, 2022 (WAFA) – The Human Rights Department in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) today launched from Ramallah a national popular campaign to demand the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council adhere to their mandate and uphold the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the establishment of their state on their national land as per international resolutions.

Ahmad Tamimi, head of the department, said at a press conference to launch the petition and invite people and institutions to sign it that the campaign aims at Israel and its crimes against the Palestinian people and the international community for its double standard in covering up the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

The petition, which was signed by those present at the meeting, says:

“We, the Palestinian people in the Occupied Territory, in refugee camps and in the diaspora, call on the UN General Assembly and Security Council to adhere to its mandate and uphold their legal responsibilities to fulfill our right to self-determination and achieve sovereignty over our resources and wealth, just like other peoples of the world, where the United Nations played a key role, through active measures and effective procedures in realizing their rights.

“We are victims of international silence and international inaction towards the Israeli occupation and its illegal practices against the Palestinian people in flagrant violations of international and humanitarian law. Such violations prompted the UN General Assembly, to condemn Israel in more than one resolution, such as UNGA resolution (42/209) and resolution (43/58).

“We would like to also express our support to President Mahmoud Abbas and his demands and initiatives that he will present at the General Assembly, which will reflect the desires and aspirations of the Palestinian people. Therefore, we present to you this document to reaffirm:

(1) We stick to our legitimate right of return in accordance with international resolutions and legitimacy. We don't compromise, nor we accept any alternative proposals;

(2) Dismantling Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land. Any solution that contradicts this approach is rejected;

(3) East Jerusalem is the eternal and historical capital of the Palestinian people;

(4) The release of all prisoners, where some Palestinian prisoners are being held in Israeli prisons for over 50 years;

(5) Complete sovereignty over our resources and wealth, as well as the right of compensation for the resources and wealth plundered by the Israeli occupation;

(6) Put an end to the systemic violations and aggression against civil society organizations, which provide vital services to vulnerable Palestinians.”

The petition ended by urging the UN “to adhere to your mandate in accordance with the UN charter, take serious measures to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people, and provide protection for the Palestinian population.”


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