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As President Abbas arrives in Ramallah returning from Germany, Palestinians welcome him with cheers

As President Abbas arrives in Ramallah returning from Germany, Palestinians welcome him with cheers
Palestinians receive President Abbas upon his return to Ramallah coming from an official visit to Germany. (WAFA Images / Mohammad Abu Zeid)

RAMALLAH, Thursday, August 18, 2022 ((WAFA) – Palestinians today received President Mahmoud Abbas with cheers and applause as he returned to Ramallah coming from Germany.

The Palestinian masses gathered along the road the president passed through near the northern entrance to Ramallah, returning from an official visit to Germany, carrying his pictures and signs with the words, "You are not alone, Mr. President", to emphasize their support for him and his positions.

This reception came after popular calls were made to receive the President to emphasize the people's support for his statements and political stances.

The Secretary of Fatah Revolutionary Council, Majed al-Fitiani, said that this reception is a stand of loyalty to President Abbas, who carried the message of the Palestinian people, their concerns and history with all boldness and courage.

"Why are the Israelis angry? Were we accomplices in their massacres? Rather, they are the ones whose hands are covered with Palestinian blood from dozens of massacres over 74 years," he said.

"The President told the truth and confronted the world with it, and demanded that they do something to support our people, ease the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, and stop crimes and bloodshed in the West Bank and Gaza," added Fitiani.

Fatah spokesman, Hussein Hamayel, said that this stand in receiving the President upon his arrival in the homeland confirms the popular support for him and his approach and the Palestinian leadership in their adherence to the Palestinian national constants.

He added that the Palestinian people have been patient with the siege and all international threats and have rejected the deal of the century.

Fatah secretary in Ramallah, Muwaffaq Sahweil, said that the stand came to confirm that everything the President stated in his speech, statements and positions represent the Palestinian people.


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