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Palestinians demonstrate in Jerusalem against Israeli ethnic cleansing

Palestinians demonstrate in Jerusalem against Israeli ethnic cleansing

JERUSALEM, Sunday, January 30, 2022 (WAFA) – Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated today outside the all-Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem in protest of the Israeli home demolition campaign targeting Palestinians in the occupied city and in the rest of the Israeli-occupied territories.

The protesters waved banners in Arabic, English and Hebrew including “no to ethnic cleansing”, “Stop home demolitions”, “Your goals are racist”, “Our homes are our lives”, and “Determination of the Jerusalemites is high”.

Residents of the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir handed a statement during the protest that read, “Our protest is a message to the Israeli Municipality and its mayor that the people of Jabal al-Mukabir will defend themselves.”

“The demolition of our homes kills us and erases our existence. We will remain here and will not leave,” added the statement. “Jerusalem was left alone, and if we do not act, there is no home or existence.”

The protesters also shouted slogans that condemned the recent Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign targeting the Palestinian Bedouin communities of the Naqab region, south of occupied Palestine.

Palestinians in Jerusalem say they are forced to build without a permit because getting a building permit is impossible as the right-wing mayor and city council attempt to keep the city’s Palestinian population at a bare minimum while multiplying its Jewish residents by approving the construction of thousands of new housing units in Jewish settlements.

Almost 75 percent of applications for a permit by the Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem are rejected by the municipality, according to rights groups.

In recent weeks, an afforestation campaign led by the Jewish National Fund campaign in the Naqab sparked widespread protests by the Palestinian Bedouin communities in the area, who say the forestation campaign is just another effort by the state to dispossess them from their land.




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