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Fatah Central Committee condemns Israel's genocidal war on Palestinians

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 16, 2021 (WAFA) – The Fatah Central Committee condemned today the genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation army against the Palestinian people on all fronts and levels.

During its meeting today, the Central Committee stressed the importance for all Palestinians to come together and to go out to the field to reinforce a comprehensive response in rejection of the policy of continuous killing and massacres that the Zionist occupation army continues to commit.

The committee pledged to continue its field clashes with the occupier and its settlers and to expand the circle of the clashes as long as the aggression by the occupation army and settlers against Gaza and Jerusalem continues.

The Fatah Central Committee saluted the free people of the world, their institutions, and their countries who pledged to support the Palestinian people, calling on everyone to provide all forms of political, material, and health support for Palestine.


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