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Sinn Fein expresses solidarity with the people of Palestine

Sinn Fein expresses solidarity with the people of Palestine
John Brady, Sinn Fein.

DUBLIN, Monday, November 30, 2020 (WAFA) - John Brady, Sinn Fein spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, today expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine.

"In 1977, the General Assembly of the UN called for the annual observance of November 29th as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Today offers an opportunity for the international community, including Ireland, to honor the hopes and aspirations for peace and dignity of the Palestinian people, through a show of solidarity.” Teachta Brady said.

"The Palestinian people continue to live under daily oppression by the Israeli authorities. The illegal annexation of the West Bank by the Israeli government is ongoing as we speak. In the final weeks of the Trump presidency, the Israeli authorities are ramping up their ongoing attempts at annexation while they still have the support of the US,” he added.

"Palestinian families are being made homeless on a daily basis. Just this week, we have witnessed Palestinian families in the al-Burj and al-Maita areas of the Jordan Valley, being forced out of their homes in order to make way for Israeli military training operations in the area.

"As communities throughout the world attempt to cope with a global pandemic, the Israeli government compound the challenges faced by Palestinians through daily acts of aggression,” said the Sinn Fein spokesperson.

"Already this year, the Israeli's have destroyed more Palestinian homes than at any time since 2016.

"Earlier this month, on a single day, 41 children had their homes destroyed by the Israeli security forces.

"Demolition is not confined to residential homes. Humanitarian infrastructure, including farming equipment, has also been destroyed. Much of this equipment was funded by EU states, including Ireland.

"For all intents and purposes, the Israeli government is committed to making it impossible for the Palestinian people to maintain a viable homeland.

"Fifty-two Palestinian schools, many co-funded by the EU, are under threat of demolition.”

Brady called on the Irish government “to use this occasion to honor the wishes of the elected members of the Dáil who voted to recognize the state of Palestine, by formally doing so now on behalf of the Irish people."


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