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Presidency: Abiding by API real test for Arab States’ positions on Jerusalem


RAMALLAH, Thursday, 20, 2020 (WAFA) – Abiding by the Arab Peace Initiative is the real test for Arab states’ positions on Jerusalem, Presidency stated on Thursday.

Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that “abiding by the Arab Peace Initiative (API) is the real test for Arab states’ positions on Jerusalem and a test for the seriousness of the Arab joint action.”

He added that the Palestinian people’s firm position against the US-touted Mideast plan, dubbed deal of the century, as well as against Israel’s illegal annexation move and Arab-Israeli normalization that comes for free has thwarted all colonial schemes against Palestine.

He pointed out that the Palestinian people’s unified stance in support of the recent Palestinian leadership led by President Mahmoud Abbas is “the optimal response to all conspiracies and steps that breach the Arab consensus” as well as to Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks on eliminating Palestinian veto on Arab-Israeli peace.

The truth is that we are committed to achieving peace with the Arab world. We eliminated the Palestinian veto on the development of peace with others – and other countries will come,” Netanyahu said during a meeting of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, on Wednesday. 

Abu Rudeineh stressed that adherence to the Palestinian, Arab and international legitimacy and international law is the way to forward to achieve lasting and just peace.

“Neither peace nor stability can be achieved in the region and the world unless the ]legitimate[ aspirations of the Palestinian people and leadership are fulfilled,” he stressed, and noted that the Palestinian people has proven their “ability to thwart any conspiracies with their steadfastness and will.”


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