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Israeli army raids Jenin village for 3rd time, arrests four


JENIN, February 4, 2018 (WAFA) – Israeli forces late Saturday evening arrested eight Palestinians after raiding the village of Burqin, to the west of Jenin, for the third time in less than 24 hours, according to local sources.

Army arrested three Palestinians after raiding the village for the third time at predawn Sunday, in an apparently continuing offensive on the village and other villages and towns in Jenin area, in manhunt for Ahmad Nasr Jarrar who allegedly killed an Israeli settler near Nablus last month.  

One of the three detainees, Izzeddin Ahmad Zereeni, was earlier hit by a stun grenade and sustained burns across his body, when clashes erupted with Israeli army as they raided the village for the second time on Saturday evening.

Also during the second raid, army arrested four Palestinians, including a man identified as Majdi Atiq and his wife, Farah.

One Palestinian, Ahmad Samir Abu Obeid, 19, was also shot by army in the head and critically injured during the clashes. He died of his wounds hours later.

Meanwhile on Sunday predawn, army raided many homes belonging to the Jarrar family in Jenin and questioned them about their relative Ahmad Nasr Jarrar.

Israel accuses Jarrar of being behind the deadly attack of an Israeli settler last month. The city of Jenin and its villages have been a target for non-stop Israeli army raids since then.


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