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Injuries increased from Israeli gunfire at Gaza border protests as the day progressed


GAZA, Friday, August 23, 2019 (WAFA) – At least 127 Palestinians were injured today when Israeli soldiers stationed on the Gaza border cracked down on the weekly March of Return protest activities on the Gaza eastern border with Israel, according to medical and local sources.

Medical sources said 54 Palestinians were shot by live bullets, two of them reported in critical condition, and 73 others were injured from rubber bullets and teargas grenades, including three medics and a child.

In addition, dozens suffered suffocation from teargas fired by Israeli soldiers at the participants in the March of Return protest held at different locations along the Gaza borderline with Israel.

Soldiers stationed on the Israeli side of the border opened fire at the hundreds of Palestinians who gathered at the fence demanding their right to return to their homes they were kicked out from when Israel was created on their land and in their homes in 1948.

Several hundred Palestinians were killed and thousands injured from Israeli gunfire since the start of the March of Return protests on March 30 of last year.


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