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Spokesman: Six new cases of COVID-19 confirmed


RAMALLAH, Sunday, March 22, 2020 (WAFA) – Government‘s spokesman Ibrahim Milhem announced today that six new cases of the novel COVID-19 (coronavirus) were confirmed today, four in Ramallah and two in the Gaza Strip.

He said at the daily briefing on the coronavirus developments in Palestine that two of the new cases are for two Palestinians who have just returned from Pakistan, and who have been quarantined from the date of their arrival.

Two of the four other cases were confirmed in the village of Shuqba, west of Ramallah, for a woman and her daughter who contracted the disease from a woman who had just returned from Turkey in the village.

The fifth case was for a Palestinian young man who contracted the disease from an infected person in the city of Ramallah, while the sixth was a citizen of Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, who contracted the disease from his wife who has been receiving treatment for coronavirus at an Israeli hospital.

With the recent six, the total number of coronavirus cases in Palestine has reached 59 and include 17 people at Angel Hotel in Bethlehem who have recovered and were sent home on Friday for a 14-day quarantine.



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