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UK increases its support to UN agency for Palestine refugees to $85.5 million


JERUSALEM, Wednesday, June 26, 2019 (WAFA) - The United Kingdom announced yesterday that it would increase this year’s support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to $85.5 million, today said a press release.

Speaking at the UNRWA Pledging Conference in New York, the UK highlighted its continuing commitment to supporting Palestinian refugees. It undertook to provide the financial aid quickly to help reduce the fiscal pressure currently faced by the agency.

UK aid through UNRWA provides an essential humanitarian and stabilizing force in the Middle East, educating hundreds of thousands of children every year and providing healthcare to some of the most vulnerable Palestinian refugees. In New York, the UK called on the international community and other donors to follow its lead and consider whether they can also increase funding to UNRWA.

Speaking in Jerusalem British Consul General, Philip Hall said: “Today’s significant funding announcement underlines our strong and ongoing support for UNRWA’s role in providing essential services to millions of Palestinian refugees across the region.”

In London the UK Minister for the Middle East, Andrew Murrison said: “The UK has been a long-term supporter of UNRWA, and I am deeply concerned about the unprecedented challenges it faces. Unless additional funding is secured, UNRWA may not be able to continue providing food aid in Gaza by July. I urge other donors to join us in stepping up their support for UNRWA at this critical time.”

He added: “Only a political solution can provide a just, fair, and realistic settlement for Palestinian refugees, and until that time the UK remains firmly committed to supporting UNRWA’s work and Palestinian refugees across the Middle East.”

Last month, on his first visit as Minister for the Middle East, Murrison visited the West Bank and Gaza where he saw first-hand the important work UNRWA is doing to deliver for Palestinian refugees.


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