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Palestinian accuses Israeli soldiers of stealing money during raid of his home


TULKARM, April 17, 2018 (WAFA) –A Palestinian resident of the village of Kafr al-Labad, to the east of the city of Tulkarm in the north of the occupied West Bank, Tuesday accused Israeli soldiers of stealing money from his home after raiding and ransacking it, according to Ihab Ghazaleh, mayor of Kafr al-Labad.

He told WAFA that Israeli forces raided the home of Abdul-Jabbar Ghazaleh in the pre-dawn hours, locked all the family in one room before thoroughly searching the house.

He said the soldiers ransacked the house and damaged windows and furniture.

After inspecting the damage after the soldiers had left the building around five in the morning without making any arrest, the family realized that a gold coin and an amount of money estimated at 1600 Israeli shekels (app. $450) that they had kept in the house were missing prompting them to accuse the soldiers of stealing the money.


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