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Fatah and Hamas agree to join ranks in fighting Israel’s annexation plan


Fatah leader Jibril Rjoub talking at a press conference from Ramallah while Hamas leader Saleh Arouri speaking from Beirut. (WAFA Images / Huthayfa Srour)

RAMALLAH, Thursday, July 2, 2020 (WAFA) – Fatah and Hamas agreed today to join ranks in fighting the imminent Israeli annexation plan.

In a joint press conference, Fatah Central Committee member, Jibril Rjoub, who spoke in Ramallah, and Hamas deputy head, Saleh Arouri, who spoke via video conference from Beirut, said that both movements should unit their ranks in fighting the Israel-American schemes for the Palestinian cause.

“The current stage is the most dangerous for our Palestinian people, which requires from all of us to rise to the challenge,” said Rjoub. “We want to come up with a strategic vision with all factions of the nationalist forces to face the current challenges.”

He stressed that both movements, Fatah and Hamas, are now required to unit their ranks after years of division in order to show the international community, which stood strong against the Israeli annexation plan of a large part of the occupied West Bank, that the Palestinian people are also united in their struggle against this plan.

“Our entire national project is threatened by the occupation, which is betting on the continuation of the division to strike a blow to our national cohesion in order to find a regional party that would agree to go along with its plan to settle the Palestinian issue,” he said.

“The effort will focus on the popular resistance with the participation of Fatah, Hamas and all the factions in the next phase to face annexation if the occupation decides to implement it, and this matter is accepted by both the Fatah Central Committee and members of the political bureau of Hamas,” said Rjoub.

Arouri, on the other hand, said the meeting today is an opportunity to start a new phase in serving the Palestinian people at this dangerous time.

“Our clear and strong message to our people and our enemies and to the world through this conference is that we are united against annexation, and we, in all of Palestine inside and outside, are fighting a battle against annexation, and this is the position of the entire Hamas leadership,” he said.

“What is needed is a real and honest stand to confront this plan and to defeat it. We have done this in the past and we can do it again,” said the Hamas leader.


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