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Ashrawi: President Abbas’ UNGA speech was genuine, candid

RAMALLAH, September 22, 2017 (WAFA) – Member of PLO Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi Thursday described in a press statement President Mahmoud Abbas‘ speech at the UN General Assembly 72nd session as  genuine and candid.

“In his address before the UN General Assembly yesterday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a candid and comprehensive speech in which he addressed the world, as well as the Palestinian people whom he honored for their courage, determination and resilience” Ashrawi said in a press statement.

She added Abbas spoke with an open heart and mind and affirmed the international community‘s “legal, political, moral and humanitarian obligation to end this occupation and enable the Palestinian people to live in freedom and prosperity in their independent state of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the June 4, 1967 borders.”

“By contrast, U.S. President Donald Trump totally dropped any mention of peace in the Middle East, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s speech was one of arrogance, exceptionalism and ideology,” she remarked.

“Both attempted to shape the global agenda by a sin of omission by dropping any mention of the occupation and the requirements of peace,” she added.

“On the other hand, President Abbas made a genuine plea for a just peace and emphasized the imperative of supporting the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and their legitimate aspirations for freedom and self-determination.”

“He clearly laid out the foundations for peace and stability based on international law and conventions and highlighted the consequences of not achieving a two-state solution.  He also reiterated his unequivocal support for peaceful popular resistance against the Israeli colonial occupation.”

“Clearly, we are facing a critical moment when it comes to the future of Palestinian sovereignty and statehood.  As President Abbas stressed, ‘... if the two-state solution were to be destroyed due to the creation of a one-state reality with two systems – apartheid – from the unchecked imposition of this occupation that is rejected by our people and the world, this would be a failure, and neither you, nor we, will have any other choice but to continue the struggle and demand full, equal rights for all inhabitants of historic Palestine.”

“If members of the international community are serious about standing on the right side of justice, we call on them to recognize Palestine in the immediate future.  As President Abbas said, we ask all states that recognize Israel to define its borders since recognition requires the delineation of boundaries. The state of Palestine has accepted the 1967 borders as a major historical compromise and as a substantive contribution to peace.”

“It is our hope that leaders around the world will heed President Abbas‘ call and exhibit the will and moral courage required to hold Israel to account, work to end the occupation within a specific and binding timeframe and to ensure the establishment of a viable sovereign Palestinian state.”


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