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Palestinians protest US aid cuts in front of UNRWA headquarter in Gaza


GAZA, February 8, 2018 (WAFA) – The popular committee of refugees in Deir al-Balah refugee camp Thursday organized a protest in front of UNRWA headquarters to express rejection of the US decision to cut aid.  

Head of the committee Akram Hasanat said the US decision is an affirmation of its complete support of the Israeli occupation, in order to strengthen its presence and put an end to Palestinians’ aspirations in statehood.

He called on the United Nations to defend UNRWA, which is considered the first witness on the refugees‘ case and greatly contribute in providing aid, care and education for refugees everywhere.

Hasanat said Palestinians refuse the threats‘ policy adopted by the US and called on the American people to pressure their government to reverse its “unjust decision”.

The protesters marched to express rejection of the cuts in aid saying the decision aims to “liquidate the refugees’ cause” and demanded the US to reverse its decision.

Flying the Palestine flag, they raised signs demanding the US to put an end to decisions that favor the Israeli occupation and calling on the international community to hold its historical and legal responsibility to end the injustice inflected on the Palestinian people.


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