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Israelis demolish Palestinian house near Jerusalem despite court order


Rubble of the demolished home in Qalandia. (WAFA Images) 

JERUSALEM, June 20, 2018 (WAFA) – An Israeli military force used bulldozers to demolish on Wednesday a Palestinian-owned house in the village of Qalandia, to the north of the occupied Jerusalem, despite an Israeli court ruling barring the demolition, according to a local source.

Mahmoud Awadallah, a Jerusalem-based Palestinian journalist, told WAFA that Israeli forces, accompanied by two bulldozers, raided the village in the early hours and proceeded to demolish the two-room house. Trees in the area were also uprooted.

He said that the house was demolished despite the fact that the owner has a High Court ruling against demolishing the house.

Israel intends to demolish at least 20 buildings and structures in the village reportedly for being built without a permit and for being too close to the wall Israel had built around Jerusalem to separate it from  its neighboring Palestinian villages and towns.


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