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PBC slams Israel’s shutdown of its Jerusalem office


RAMALLAH, Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PCB) today strongly criticized Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s decision to shut down its office and several Palestinian institutions in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

PCB said in a statement that the decision is extremely political under false security pretexts, calling it a flagrant violation of international law and international legitimacy resolutions, considering that East Jerusalem, where Erdan banned the activities of Palestine TV, is occupied Palestinian territory under international law.

It explained that the decision is also an attack on freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of press and media work which are guaranteed internationally, noting that it is a scandalous attempt to hide the crimes of the Israeli occupation in  Jerusalem, and Israel’s violations and systematic work to Judaize the city and change its Arab features.

PCB called on all international institutions, whether the United Nations or institutions concerned with freedom of speech and expression and free press, to condemn and reject this decision and to prosecute Israel for this new crime.

It affirmed that Palestine TV, Voice of Palestine Radio and all official Palestinian media will not be intimidated by this Israeli decision, and will continue its media role and its national mission to uncover the truth and expose Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, pointing out that what happened is part of an Israeli plan to silence the Palestinian national media, which is also ongoing plan that has been implemented for decades, but justice, on which the Palestinian national cause relies on, will defeat all these plans.



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