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Al-Quds University suspends classes due to heavy Israeli army presence near campus


JERUSALEM, April 23, 2018 (WAFA) – Al-Quds University suspended classes on Monday in its main Abu Dis campus, east of Jerusalem, citing safety of students and staff as its reason.

The university administration issued a statement saying that due to inability of public transportation to reach the Abu Dis campus, it has decided to suspend classes on Monday for the safety of the students and staff.

Clashes had broken out between young Palestinians and Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Abu Dis campus on Sunday night and Monday morning after soldiers raided the town and the university area to seal holes residents have drilled in the apartheid wall Israel had built to separate the town from bordering East Jerusalem.

Hani Halabiyeh, a local activist, said the Israeli army shut down two schools in the area, a vocational college and an area around al-Quds University campus to seal shut the holes in the wall and to set up surveillance cameras in the area, where clashes usually occur.

He said one person was shot and injured from a live bullet, five from rubber bullets and dozens from tear gas inhalation during the clashes, which he said is still going on.


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