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Kairos Palestine raises an alarm on the dire consequences of Israel’s coalition government


JERUSALEM, Thursday, April 30, 2020 (WAFA) - The board of Kairos Palestine, the most extensive Palestinian Christian ecumenical non-violent movement, today raised an alarm regarding the dire consequences of Israel’s new coalition government on Palestinians and the region.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Bennie Gantz’s Blue and White, two of the most right-wing parties in Israel, entered on April 20 a deal that directly threatens Palestinians’ freedom, health and human rights, said Kairos Palestine in a statement.

“Described as an ‘emergency government’ to address the impacts of COVID-19, and under the cover of a so-called ‘coronavirus cabinet,’ the State of Israel is empowered to continue its policies of home demolitions, closures, arrests, child detention and settler violence” against Palestinians in the occupied territories, it said.

It warned that the deal also allows Netanyahu to pursue his long-standing promise to annex substantial portions of the occupied West Bank as early as July 1.

“For the past few years and especially during the administration of both (US President Donald) Trump and Netanyahu the foundations of the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis have been sabotaged by the different policies and announcements that both administrations have unilaterally adopted. This annexation is only one of these moves,” said the Palestinian Christian group.

“While we see that the equation of land for peace have lost its credibility and now look impossible for a two states solution, we at Kairos Palestine are committed for our people and churches to continue to struggle for the values that make for peace. Equality and Justice are our beacon. Thus, we urge all churches to support these values in every means. We urge them to say no to injustice of any illegal political move and building for a future of equality on this land between all the peoples, no matter what the political frame it brings at the end.”

Kairos Palestine called on “people of faith and all those of conscience around the world to:

“• Plead with your elected representatives to hold the State of Israel accountable to international law and human rights;

“• Demand that your governments do not recognize Israel’s annexations of East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan, that your governments express their disapproval of Israel’s further plans of annexation, and that your governments pressure Israel with concrete measures to comply with international law and UN resolutions.

“• Protect Palestinians’—and all people’s—right to resist, including Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, until Israel complies with its obligations as an occupying power.”


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