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Ahd Tamimi arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier raiding her house


by Ihab Rimawi 

RAMALLAH, December 19, 2017 (WAFA) - After a large-scale destruction of the house, the Israeli army arrested Ahd Tamimi, who the Israeli newspaper Maariv said that she humiliated the soldiers and officers of the Israeli occupation army after a video spread on social media showed her slapping an Israeli soldier who invaded her family‘s home and used it to shoot the child Mohammed Tamimi, who is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of the Arab Istishari Hospital.

More than 20 Israeli military patrols raided the village of Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah, at dawn Tuesday and headed towards the house of Bassem Tamimi to arrest his daughter Ahd. The Israeli soldiers beat the occupants of the house and took the cameras that documented the brutality of the Israeli soldiers during their suppression of the protests in the village over several years. They also confiscated computers and ransacked the house.

Ahd’s friend, Jana Tamimi, posted a video after the arrest of Ahd, 17, in which she explained in English what happened during the night. The extent of destruction and devastation caused by the occupation force to school books and uniforms as Ahd prepares to sit this year for the high school graduation exam.

When Ahd was a child, a video was posted in November 2012 by photographer Samer Nazal of Ahd going after Israeli soldiers who arrested her brother during confrontations in the village, demanding that he be returned and released.

After the video was aired, which had generated wide international support for Ahd, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited her to visit Ankara and he bestowed a medal on her.

On Friday, 15-year-old Mohammed Fadl al-Tamimi was wounded by a bullet that penetrated his face and settled under his brain. Soldiers had raided the Tamimi family home and shot Mohammed from the yard of their house. The family tried to kick the soldiers from their house after that incident that left Mohammed in hospital in critical condition.

The amount of incitement instigated in Israeli social media after the video of Ahd confronting the soldiers was posted was a prelude to her arrest.

Right wing Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said “these girls should be imprisoned and spend the rest of their lives in prison."

The army had also posted that "It was wrong not to arrest her immediately, because she tried to block the soldiers‘ mission."

Israeli incitement, led by Israeli army leaders and officials to arrest the girl, was, according to Israeli media, was because the general feeling that the Israeli army was humiliated despite the countless crimes committed by the Israeli army  against the Palestinians.

Social media expert, Mohammed Abu al-Rub, believes that this type of recording, while it boosts the morale of people with symbolic victories in the face of major disappointments and the US declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, constitute a threat to the people involved in them.

"Such events should not be documented because they are a free gift to the occupation to arrest the people involved in them," he says.

"The occupation aims to arrest the people in the videos that appear to show symbolic victory to silence their voices or action because it helps to raise their morale," adds Abu al-Rub.

Educating people on social networking is a national and family necessity, according to Abu al-Rub, and some people were arrested after their faces were exposed at contact points after the publication of videos or pictures of the confrontations. Photography must be away from the face and the main features, he said.

Abu al-Rub said that pictures should focus on exposing the crimes of the occupation forces instead of controversial issues.


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