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New case of coronavirus in Palestine brings total to 60 – spokesman


RAMALLAH, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 (WAFA) – A new case of coronavirus was confirmed in Ramallah today which brings the total in Palestine to 60, according to government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem.

He said in his daily briefing that the woman, who tested positive, is in her 40s and has returned from the United States. She lives in Ramallah and that she was placed in a quarantine immediately after her return home and therefore did not mix with anyone. She was placed at a special facility for corona patients in the town of Turmus Ayya, near Ramallah.

Milhem also said that corona test conducted on a Palestinian worker from the village of Beit Sera, who was left yesterday by Israeli forces at a West Bank checkpoint after he fell sick at his workplace in Israel, has turned out to be negative and therefore the man was transferred to hospital for treatment.

He said that of the 270 Palestinian students studying in Italy and who were brought home yesterday, seven are from the West Bank while the rest are from inside Israel.

The seven, he said, will be placed in a quarantine in Ramallah after they are brought into the West Bank from Israel and will be tested for coronavirus after their arrival.

Milhem said the corona patients in Bethlehem are all in good health. Of the 40 patients in Bethlehem, 16 have recovered last week and were sent to home quarantine. A 17th person who first was reported recovered has had a relapse and later tests showed that he still has the disease.

While most of the corona infected patients are in the West Bank, only two are in the Gaza Strip.


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