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Foreign ministry signs memorandum of understanding to establish representative office of KfW Bank in Palestine

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, September 6, 2023 (WAFA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Development Bank signed, under the Prime Minister's auspices, a memorandum of understanding to establish a representative office of the German Development Bank (KfW) in Palestine.

The Foreign Ministry's undersecretary, Amal Jado, and Christiane Laibach, a member of the Executive Board of KfW Bank, signed the memorandum at the prime minister’s office in Ramallah.

Jado said that the establishment of a representative office of KfW Bank in Palestine is an affirmation of the ongoing partnership between the Bank and Palestine and its continued support in various sectors, and is an indication of the commitment to supporting the Palestinian people and strengthening bilateral relations between Palestine and Germany.

For her part, Laibach said that the signing of the memorandum reflects the long-term relationship of cooperation between Palestine, Germany and the Development Bank, where it implemented many projects in various sectors, infrastructure, water, education and supporting small projects in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. “We look forward to developing this relationship hand in hand for a better future for the Palestinian people,” she stated.

Anne-Sophie Beckedorf, acting Head of Mission of the German Representative Office in Ramallah, said that the bank has been working in Palestine for 30 years, towards a better life for the Palestinians, and the official registration is a strengthening of this relationship, and shows that Germany is on the side of the Palestinian people and is committed to their rights.


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