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President Abbas chairs a meeting of Follow-up Committee

RAMALLAH, Friday, October 07, 2022 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas chaired this evening a meeting of the Follow-up Committee, in charge of taking the practical steps required to implement the decisions of the PLO Central Council and the content of the President’s speech at the UN last month.

The Committee reviewed the practical steps required to complete the implementation of the decisions of the Central Council and the speech delivered by President Abbas at the UN, in light of the existing relationship with the Israeli occupation and the United States.

The Committee also discussed the internal situation and the need to strengthen the home front to face challenges, and the attempts of Israel and extremist settler groups to undermine security and stability in Palestine.

The Committee confirmed that practical steps have been taken for the accession of the State of Palestine to international organizations, including those announced by the President in his speech before the United Nations, authorizing the President to implement this decision.

The Committee decided to remain in permanent session according to the scheduled program.


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