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Foreign ministry condemns Israeli court decision against the detainee al-Halabi

RAMALLAH, Sunday, June 19, 2022 (WAFA) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned today the decision of the Israeli occupation court against Palestinian detainee, Mohammad al-Halabi, affirming that the court adopted the charges fabricated by the occupation security services.

In a statement, the Ministry considered this ruling as part of the fabricated trials, which prove that the so-called judicial system in Israel is an integral part of the occupation system.

It stressed that al-Halabi, 44, has been detained for six years and has undergone a long investigation process and 170 trial sessions since 2016, affirming that he did not admit any of the charges against him, or accept any of the deals that were offered to him, which exposed the falsehood of the occupation's allegations and secret files.

The ministry confirmed that what al-Halabi is subjected to is a form of collective punishment and confiscation of the freedom of the Palestinians for no reason, which is "an ongoing crime that any Palestinian citizen is subjected to, including illegal administrative detention."

The ministry called on the international community and the relevant United Nations bodies, mainly the Human Rights Council, to break their silence and move quickly to pressure the occupying power to immediately release al-Halabi and other prisoners who have been thrown into prisons without any charges.


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