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Fatah: Israel prepared the assault on Aqsa Mosque long time ago

RAMALLAH, Sunday, April 17, 2022 (WAFA) – Jamal Nazzal, spokesman for the Palestine National Liberation Movement (Fatah), warned today that Israeli violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem could result in destabilizing the whole region and beyond, saying Israel had prepared for the assault on Aqsa Mosque long time ago.

In a press statement, Fatah sharply criticized Israeli violence against peaceful worshippers in Aqsa Mosque today and rejected Israel’s narrative that the Palestinians started this by throwing stones on Friday morning.

“Israel’s violent actions against our civilians are part of a plan and not a reaction to anything Palestinians were doing in the early morning of last Friday,” said Nazzal.

He wondered, “How could several hundred Israeli policemen and soldiers be ready for an allegedly spontaneous reaction to Palestinians throwing stones inside the mosque at five AM before sunrise? Why would any Palestinian be throwing stones in any direction if there were no police forces inside the Mosque to disturb, insult and provoke them by violent actions?”

“What Israel is doing now is particularly dangerous since it has been designed to serve the interests of an extremist Israeli government led by a Prime minister whose main objective is based on using the escalation to help him stay in power,” Nazzal continued.

Nazzal accused Bennet of trying to outbid Netanyahu in shedding more Palestinian blood than Netanyahu used to do, “so that Bennet might appear tough enough in the eyes of his extreme right constituency to push against his predecessor claim to power!”

Fatah called on the EU to immediately use its influence on Israel to stop the real madness and obsessions of power seen by Palestinians as the true motivations of the Israeli government to provoke violence.


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