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Weather: Rise in temperature

Weather: Rise in temperature

RAMALLAH, Monday, June 21, 2021 (WAFA) – Weather today in Palestine is mostly clear and relatively hot in the mountains and hot in other districts with a slight rise in temperature, to become 2 C above its seasonal average, according to the Palestinian Meteorological Department (PMD).

Relatively cold conditions are expected during the night hours in the mountain areas and mild conditions in other districts.

Winds are westerly to northwesterly and light to moderate. Sea waves are low.

Temperature in the capital, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem is expected to reach a high of 29 C and a low of 17 C and in Ramallah and Hebron a high of 28 C and a low of 16 C. In Jericho, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan Valley temperature is expected to reach a high of 38 C and a low of 24 C, while it is expected to reach a high of 30 C and a low of 21 C in Gaza and the coastal areas.

No change in temperature is expected on Tuesday, remaining above its seasonal average by around 2 C degrees Celsius. Temperature rises further on Wednesday approaching 3 C above the seasonal, and 4 C on Thursday.


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