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Fatah official welcomes reopening of US Consulate in East Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, Wednesday, May 26, 2021 (WAFA) – Fatah Central Committee member, Hussein al-Sheikh, today welcomed the US decision to reopen its consulate in East Jerusalem.

Speaking to Voice of Palestine radio, al-Sheikh stated that the decision announced by US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, that his country will go ahead with reopening its consulate in the occupied city of East Jerusalem is “deemed the most important decision taken by the new US administration” and “sends a clear message that East Jerusalem is part of the territories that Israel has been since 1967”.

“The announcement on the reopening of the US consulate in East Jerusalem implies the collapse of the so-called Deal of the Century, touted by the former US administration, and serves as a ground for the restoration of normal relations with the US, so that it would function as an effective and influential actor to resume negotiations based on the United Nations resolutions,” he stated.  

He pointed to the need to build on these encouraging US positions as he stressed President Mahmoud Abbas’ call for initiating a comprehensive intra-Palestinian dialogue and building a national partnership away from hateful rhetoric.

Commenting on the significance of President Abbas’ meeting with Blinken on Tuesday and US President Joe Biden’s first phone call with Abbas, al-Sheikh considered them as part of the Palestinian official diplomatic efforts against Israel’s policy of expulsions, colonization and assaults against holy sites.


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