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20 of the victims killed in Gaza are students, says Ministry of Education

RAMALLAH, Monday, May 17, 2021 (WAFA) –The Education Ministry today stated that 20 out of some 200 Palestinians killed in the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza were school students.

It mourned in a press release the 20 students, enrolled in public and private schools as well as UNRWA-run schools, who were killed in Israeli aerial and artillery bombardment on the besieged coastal enclave.

It affirmed the necessity of international intervention in order to deter Israel and hold it accountable for its ongoing crimes and its brutal aggression against Gaza children and students, who are killed every day, and are an evidence of the Israeli brutality and its targeting of students and educational institutions and their staff.

It pointed that the killing of innocent students in cold blood, the bombing of their homes, and the targeting of their families reveals Israel's intentions and its persistence in killing, and the high percentage of people with disabilities as a result of the brutal Israeli attacks, while stressing that it will spare no effort in holding Israel accountable for crimes through international political, diplomatic and legal forums.

It called on all human rights and humanitarian institutions and ministries of education in the world to expose these violations and put pressure on Israel to stop these crimes, which constitute a clear violation of all international norms, conventions and laws.

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