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PM Shtayyeh: There is a new incitement campaign against the Palestinian curriculum, prisoners and martyrs

PM Shtayyeh: There is a new incitement campaign against the Palestinian curriculum, prisoners and martyrs
Palestinian school textbooks.

RAMALLAH, Monday, December 14, 2020 (WAFA) – There is a new campaign of incitement against the Palestinian curriculum, prisoners and the martyrs, today said Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh speaking at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting held in Ramallah.

"The Palestinian curriculum is the product of our history, culture, struggle, religion and contribution to civilization, which we held on to at the negotiating table and which we will not give up in the curriculum: Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine in the curriculum, in politics, in the economy and in every field, and those who link their assistance to us to this, then we will finance our curriculum from our budget. We want a national curriculum that reflects our reality, vision, scientific progress, promotes resilience and reflects our pluralistic society," he said.

"We were surprised last week to learn that pro-Israel lobbyists and some think tanks were calling for an end to the use of the word Palestine in some of their conferences, as some Zionist elements are organizing conferences for this purpose," he added.

"Our communities and friends in Europe and the world have confronted such attempts, which wanted to label any person who not only criticizes Israel but also supports Palestine as anti-Semitic," added the prime minister.

Shtayyeh also criticized the Israeli government for planning to legalize the settlements and outposts in the occupied Palestinian territories.

"We are aware of these games, and that the colonies begin with a caravan for an extremist who snatches a piece of land under the protection of the Israeli army, and begins to expand," he said. "In any election campaign, the Israeli government recognizes this outpost and supports it with money, privileges and others. However, all settlements in all their forms are illegal, illegitimate and will disappear, as we have learned from history."



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