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Irish senate announces reform of Cross Party Oireachtas Friends of Palestine Group

DUBLIN, Wednesday, December 02, 2020 (WAFA) - Irish senator, Frances Black, announced that the Cross Party Oireachtas Friends of Palestine Group was reformed this evening for another term.

She said during a meeting that was attended by 32 Teachtaí Dála (TDs) and Senators from all parties: “We intend to work hard to make sure Ireland takes a strong stance in defense of Palestinian rights.”

She added: “There is a huge interest right across Ireland in what’s happening in Palestine, and how we as a small country can help, and it is so important that this is represented in the Oireachtas.”

”I Know from talking to people in the West Bank and Gaza that Palestinians need support from the international community and particularly from European countries, so now more than ever that’s what we will be working for,” she said.


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