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Fatah stands in solidarity with American people against racial supremacy


RAMALLAH, Thursday, June 11, 2020 (WAFA) – Fatah movement expressed today its solidarity with the protests of the American people of all colors in their struggle against all forms of racial supremacy.

Rawhi Fattouh, Fatah’s Commissioner General for International Relations, said in a statement that the Palestinian people convey their “heartfelt condolences to George Floyd‘s family and friends, and to the entire American people. We stand against police brutality and injustice toward minorities in the US, and especially towards African Americans citizens, who are still facing structural discrimination and racial supremacy in 2020.”

“It was a shock for the Palestinian people world-wide to watch an African American citizen and father, being choked to death under the knee of white police officer in a scene that much reminded us of the dark past of racism and racial discrimination against black people in the United States,” he continued. 

Fattouh said the Palestinian people are suffering from “the same systematic crippling policies of racial supremacy under the yoke of Israeli apartheid and occupation, which also happened to be fully backed and supported by US president Trump and his administration, highlighted by the announcement of his recent plans in respect of fostering Apartheid in Israel even further, namely: the so called “Deal of the Century”.

“Since January, 21 Palestinian civilians have been killed in extrajudicial execution not for any crime they may have committed but only for simply being Palestinians living their ordinary lives like everyone else,” added Fattouh.

He referred to the May 30 deadly incident in which Israeli police officers mercilessly killed an unarmed autistic Palestinian, Iyad al-Hallaq, in a scene that violates all moral standards and norms of humanity.

Fatah called upon all US government bodies to” re-evaluate their policing policies and to take the required actions to stop police brutality against all African Americans and all minority communities, as well as implement clear policies in America, in Palestine and throughout the world without discrimination on the basis of race, origin, nationality, religion or gender that defend and are seen to defend human rights for all.”

“It’s time for the world to be healed from all forms of racial supremacy, and to apply justice for the oppressed people of all colors without discrimination.”





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