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Orthodox Church celebrates Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem


JERUSALEM, April 7, 2018 (WAFA) – Thousands of followers of the orthodox church waited patiently inside and outside the Church of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem’s Old City for the “holy fire” to descend on the church.

When the Greek Orthodox patriarch emerged in the early afternoon hour from the enclosed edicule that houses the tomb were Christ was buried after his crucifixion carrying the “miracle light,” as believed by millions of Christians from around the world, people waiting outside cheered and yelled in celebration and each rushed to light bundles of candles they were carrying from the “holy fire”.

Many were set to take the “holy fire” to their churches in the West Bank and around the world where worshippers were waiting to celebrate the arrival of the light.

In Ramallah, a traditionally Palestinian-Christian city, scouts and city residents were waiting in the city center for the light to arrive from Jerusalem to celebrate the arrival of the Holy Fire to their town.

While the Catholic churches marked Easter last Sunday, the orthodox churches that follow the eastern calendar celebrate it this coming Sunday.

Arrival of Christians to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem was marred by several Israeli police checkpoints that prevented thousands of anxious Christians from home and abroad to reach the Holy Sepulcher and be among the first to see the light come out from the church.

Thousands of Christians from the West Bank and Gaza could not be in Jerusalem to celebrate Holy Week this Easter at the crucifixion of Christ place because Israel closed the entire occupied territories to Palestinians while it celebrated the Jewish Passover holiday.


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