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Dozens of prisoners injured in Israeli attack on Naqab prison


RAMALLAH, Monday, March 25, 2019 (WAFA) – Israeli prison guards Sunday evening attacked Palestinian prisoners in the southern Israeli military prison of Naqab, injuring dozens.

Chairman of the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission (PAC) Qadri Abu Baker said that Israeli prison guards cracked down on Palestinian prisoners in the al-Naqab Prison, also known as  Ktzi‘ot Prison, injuring over 25 prisoners, including two critical injuries.

Abu Baker added that 15 casualties, including Islam Yusri Weshahi and Odai Adel Salem, who sustained critical injuries, were transferred to the Israeli Suruka hospital for treatment, noting that a PAC’s attorney would visit the hospital to check on the medical condition of the casualties.

Israeli Prison Services (IPS) last night beat Palestinian prisoners in several sections of the Naqab prison and targeted them with tear gas following the stabbing of two wardens by prisoners in the same prison.

Following the alleged stabbing attack, PAC confirmed that prisoners in section four of al-Naqab Prison were attacked and forced out into the cold during all night.

On Sunday morning, PAC noted that Israeli wardens provocatively forced prisoners from their cells in sections three and four of the prison purportedly for conducting inspections, resulting in an altercation during some prisoners stabbed two wardens in retaliation for an attack.

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