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Irish lawmaker denounces Israel’s continued Gaza blockade and occupation with pandemic


BELFAST, Thursday, April 2, 2020 (WAFA) – Irish Sinn Fein Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Declan Kearney, denounced the ongoing Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and its occupation of the West Bank as the Palestinian Authority battles the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Covid19.

“It is an international scandal that the Palestinian people must simultaneously struggle against the unjust Israeli blockade of Gaza and occupation of the West Bank while also battling against the spread of Covid19,” he told the Palestinian ambassador in Ireland, Jilan Wahba.

Kearney said that the ambassador briefed him on the situation in the Palestinian territories as a result of the spread of Covid19, expressing particular concern for the health and wellbeing of over 5,000 political prisoners being held in Israeli prisons due to an outbreak of Covid19 among prison staff and the removal of cleaning products from prison canteens.

The ambassador asked for “the international community to intensify pressure upon the Israeli government to meet its international obligations and protect the health of the prisoners which it detains,” he said.

“I am now calling on the Irish government to use its influence to address this humanitarian priority,” said the Irish MLA.


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