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Premier: division of West Bank areas as per Oslo accords no longer exists


RAMALLAH, Thursday, July 25, 2019 (WAFA) – Prime minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh said the divisions of the West Bank into three administrative divisions: Areas A, B and C as per the Oslo accords no longer exists; because Israel no longer respects them and has clearly and openly violated these agreements.

He said the Palestinian leadership, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, will hold an important meeting this evening to take concrete steps in response to the Israeli occupation forces’ demolition of homes belonging to Palestinians in the Al-Hummus area in occupied East Jerusalem, which is classified as Area A; under the rule of the Palestinian Authority.

This came during a meeting with ambassadors, consuls and representatives of the European Union at the premier’s office in Ramallah, where they discussed the latest political and economic developments and escalating Israeli measures against the Palestinian people.  

Shtayyeh warned of Israel‘s continued demolition of homes and annexation of land in the West Bank; similar to what happened  in Wad al-Hummus, if an international stance that commensurate with the gravity of the recent Israeli actions is not taken.

Shtayyeh reviewed a number of solutions set by the government to deal with the financial crisis caused by Israel‘s financial war, especially issuing government bonds to meet its obligations to hospitals and companies, making contacts to activate the Arab safety net, and borrowing from local banks. “The only solution is for Israel to immediately release the funds it withholds,” he stressed.


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