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Arab writers appeal for support for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

RAMALLAH, May 11, 2017 (WAFA) – Arab writers convening at the First Palestine Forum for the Arab Novel appealed on Wednesday to the world governments to intervene to end the suffering of the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Following is the appeal:

“We, the undersigned Arab writers who gathered at the First Palestine Forum for the Arab Novel in Ramallah from 7-11 May 2017, have been following up on the hunger strike of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Twenty four days have passed since the beginning of the hunger strike, with [Israel] not responding to their legitimate demands, including medical treatment to the sick prisoners and the right of the prisoners to freely express their will, and with the world being silent towards the arbitrary actions against them, which tantamount to world crimes.

“This strike, carried out by the Palestinian prisoners in response to the arbitrary Israeli measures against them, is part of the right of the people of Palestine to self-determination, to live in dignity on their homeland and to realize their full rights, foremost of which the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

“This appeal, made by us the Arab writers at the First Palestine Forum for the Arab Novel in light of the critical conditions experienced by the prisoners of dignity and freedom, is a call to all Arab peoples, writers, intellectuals and politicians of different attitudes and clusters to once again recognize the Arab right in Palestine. It is also a call for them to take the actions appropriate to our Arab culture in its historic battle against the Zionist culture, which targets the history and the achievements of our nation.

“The undersigned hold the occupying authorities fully responsible for the lives of the prisoners, and call on all countries, peoples, organizations and intellectuals to intervene immediately to compel these authorities to respond to the demands of our prisoners who sacrifice their lives for their just cause. We at the same time stress that silence towards the Israeli measures against the hunger strikers legitimizes their murder, and opens the door to further Israeli actions against them.

“We appeal to the free writers in all Arab countries and abroad to support our prisoners and to highlight and support their legitimate rights, as well as to support the full rights of the Palestinian people.

“This is part of the Arab writer‘s message, commitment and responsibilities. The cause of the Palestinian people is at the heart of this message and its ignited flame.”




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