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France regrets Israel‘s withholding of Palestinian tax revenues


PARIS, Friday, February 22, 2019 (WAFA) – France expressed its regret on Friday over the Israeli government‘s decision withholding around $138 million in tax revenue collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo agreement.

The French foreign ministry said in a statement that it was concerned about the worsening financial situation of the PA, and called on Israel to honor its obligations under the Oslo Accords, particularly the Paris Economic Protocol governing economic and financial relations between Israel and the PA.

“In light of the prevailing unrest, everyone must refrain from taking any action that may make it more difficult to resume dialogue between the parties,” read the statement.

The French foreign ministry said it will continue to cooperate with the European and international partners to re-launch a credible political process aimed at implementing the two-state solution.

Under the interim Paris Economic Protocol of 1994, Israel collects customs duties on goods imported by Palestinians and destined to the occupied Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza) that go through Israeli ports since the Palestinian borders are all under Israeli control.



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