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Fatah spokesman in Gaza says Hamas men raided his home to arrest him


RAMALLAH, Saturday, January 05, 2019 (WAFA) – Gaza’s Fatah spokesman Atef Abu Seif said on Saturday that armed men from Hamas raided his home on Friday night in an attempt to arrest him.

He told Voice of Palestine radio that he was not home when the raid took place and therefore they left a summons for him to appear at the Hamas security office in Gaza for interrogation.

Abu Seif has spoken out strongly against Hamas attempts to prevent Fatah activists from holding launch anniversary rallies in Gaza and the vandalism of Palestine TV and radio headquarters in Gaza City.

The Hamas security had also raided the home of the director of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in Gaza on Friday night in an attempt to arrest him and when he was not found they left a summons for him.

Fatah in Gaza has decided to shut down all offices fearing Hamas is trying to arrest its members.


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