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Israel to demolish home in Arab town of Lod


LOD, Sunday, February 2, 2020 (WAFA) – Israeli forces today notified a Palestinian family in the Arab town of Lod, in Israel, about their intention to demolish their house, on the pretext of being built without a permit, according to local sources.

Israeli police forces broke into the house of Abu Shalloufah family in Lod and handed them an order to demolish their three-storey house, under  the pretext that it was built without an Israeli  permit.

Houses and structures in Arab cities and towns in Israel are a frequent target for demolitions as Israeli authorities make it very difficult for Arab citizens to obtain building permits.

Israeli authorities rarely issue construction permits to Palestinians in Israel, forcing many to build without permits in order to provide shelter for their families.

Currently, thousands of Palestinian-owned homes in Israel are facing the risk of demolition, with many accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government of selectively carrying out demolitions in Israel’s Arab communities in order to distract the public from the ongoing police probe into his corruption charges.




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