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In an ongoing Israeli campaign against Issawiyeh, seven young Palestinians detained


JERUSALEM, Monday, July 29, 2019 (WAFA) – In an ongoing police campaign against Issawiyeh neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli police detained early this morning seven young Palestinian residents, including minors and a girl, according to local sources.

They said police raided the neighborhood in the early hours while residents were asleep, broke into several homes and detained a girl identified as 16-year-old Nagham Illian, along with three others from the same extended family.

Police also detained a child identified as Mutasem Obeid in another raid along with another member of the Obeid family identified as Fadi Obeid, who was beaten during the arrest, said the sources.

A seventh resident from the Dari family was also detained.

The raids and arrests came after Israeli police claimed two of its members were injured from stone throwing in the neighborhood last night.

Issawiyeh has been the target of a two-month long Israeli police harassment campaign that made live and movement of people there very difficult.


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