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After denying him permit for three times, ill Palestinian dies at Gaza crossing with Israel


GAZA, June 20, 2018 (WAFA) – A Palestinian identified as Masoud Abdul Hai Abu Saqer, 49, died on Tuesday at Erez/Beit Hanoun crossing between Gaza and Israel while on his way to get treatment at an East Jerusalem hospital, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights said on Wednesday.

Abu Saqer, according to Al Mezan, had applied three times before to get an Israeli army permit to leave Gaza for cancer treatment at an East Jerusalem hospital but his application was continuously denied.

Al Mezan said that at the fourth time, Abu Saqer was summoned for an interview at Erez checkpoint by the Israel security service before decided whether to grant or deny him a permit but he died at the crossing during the interview, according to his son, Saed.

Abu Saqer was diagnosed with cancer in the his right lung since December of last year and has been trying since then to reach a hospital in East Jerusalem for treatment without success.

According to Al Mezan, seven Gaza patients, including three women, have died since the start of this year after their application for an Israeli permit to leave the besieged Gaza Strip for treatment in East Jerusalem or West Bank hospitals were either denied or delayed.


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