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Jordan calls on Israel to ‘immediately’ reverse its decisions on churches in Jerusalem


JORDAN, February 25, 2018 (WAFA) – Jordan Sunday condemned the Israeli occupation authorities‘ decisions against Jerusalem churches and properties in violation of international law, demanding Israel to immediately reverse its decisions.

Jordan’s government spokesperson Mohammad Al-Momani reiterated Jordan‘s absolute rejection of Israeli authorities‘ systematic measures to change the historical and legal status quo in East Jerusalem‘s holy sites, including Islamic and Christian property and endowments.

The government spokesperson noted that these measures violate international and humanitarian laws and arrangements of the historical situation that has been existing for many years in this regard, stressing that Churches are always exempt from paying these taxes to the existing civil authorities in the city.

He said these steps clearly target the historical Christian presence in Jerusalem, which is an essential part of the holy city‘s history and its historical, human, religious and civilizational heritage, and embodies the values of interfaith coexistence in its fullest form.

He called on Israel "to immediately reverse the decisions taken against churches and to respect its obligations as an occupying power in East Jerusalem in accordance with international law.


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