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Israeli Army Runs Over Youth, Detains 3 Others

QALQILIA, June 18, 2016 (WAFA) – An Israeli military jeep predawn Saturday chased after four Palestinians while they were walking down a street near Qalqilia’s town of Azoun, running over a youth and detaining the rest.

According to security sources, an Israeli military jeep suddenly, and seemingly without cause, chased after four Palestinian youths while they were walking down a street near the said town, according to security sources.

They detained three and ran over a youth who was identified as Hamza ‘Oweisat. ‘Oweisat was left on the ground without any medical aid.

The three were identified as ‘Ayed ‘Odeh, 22, Mahyoub ‘Odeh, 19, and Mohammed ‘Oweisat.


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